Bellingham Connections Club

Meeting Outline

  • 7:30am Call meeting to order
  • Introduce Guests
  • Members Self Introduction
  • Approval of Minutes
  • 1st Speaker (10 minutes??)
  • 2nd Speaker (15 minutes)
    • List the next weeks speakers
  • Street Talk
  • Committee Reports:
  • Marketing Committee
    • Social
    • Membership
    • Past President
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • End of Meeting

Procedural Dates

JAN - (First meeting) President, Vice-President & Secretary assume office.
JAN - (Second meeting): Audit Committee reports to general membership.

MAY - (Second meeting): Audit committee appointed by Past President.

JUNE - (Second meeting): Elections held for Vice-President & Treasurer.

JULY - (First meeting): President, Vice-President & Treasurer assume office.
JULY - (Second meeting): Audit committee reports to general membership.

NOV - (Second meeting): Audit Committee appointed by Past President.
NOV - (Last meeting): Vice-President submits budget to Executive Committee.

DEC - (First Meeting): Executive Committee presents budget to membership.
DEC - (Second meeting): Elections held for Vice-President & Secretary.
DEC - (Last meeting): Membership vote on budget.